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Adrian Rosenberg founded Airtime Helicopters in 1995 with a mission to provide personalized services in aviation brokerage. Over the years, he has travelled worldwide to exceed client expectations and assure secure and cost effective transactions in both private and commercial sectors. Today, Airtime Helicopters is a distributed full-service brokerage network of aviation professionals who are equipped to delegate for any business requirement.

With DAR on call, we can assist with export C of A and importing foreign aircraft. We also offers ferry delivery, containerization of aircraft, and reassembly and test flights after shipment.

If you need flight training for your new aircraft, we delegate check-outs and certification, specializing in Bell, Eurocopter/Airbus, MD, Sikorsky, Augusta/Leonardo and others types.

After or before purchase, maintenance and upgrades includes new avionics, paint, interior and more are all catered to by request.

Adrian is based in Hawai’i, while we work closely with private partner brokerages in Las Vegas, New Jersey and Japan.

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