SA342J Gazelle 1977 Aerospatiale (SOLD)

1977 SA342 J for sale. Speed, power, maneuverability. This classic beauty is often called the Ferrari of helicopters.


Located in Nevada, USA.
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For immediate sale is a classic 1977 Aersopatiale Gazelle SA342J; This machine has been well maintained and has good times remaining with no damage history. This is a great opportunity for any buyer or enthusiast seeking a powerful vintage rotorcraft.

Since its service introduction in 1973, the Sud Aviation (later Aerospatiale) Gazelle series of lightweight helicopters proved popular with many foreign operators. The type was taken into service in both civilian and military circles and is regarded as a robust and versatile package despite its lightweight classification. The primary operator of the series remains the French Army, for whom it was developed, and the line has seen considerable combat service for its time in the sky.

Development of the Gazelle stemmed from a French Army requirement calling for a successor to follow the aging fleet of Aerospatiale “Alouette III” light helicopters. This led the French concern of Sud Aviation to begin development of such a new rotary-wing platform in 1966 resulting in the “SA340” prototype which carried a conventional tail unit from the Alouette II helicopter series. A successful first flight was undertaken on April 7th, 1967, and four pre-series aircraft (SA341) were ultimately completed. Before the end, the conventional tail rotor unit gave way to a Fenestron tail rotor unit. Evaluations of this helicopter system revealed a platform that was highly agile and fast, allowing the design to claim several speed records of the time. This preceded service entry of what became the “Gazelle” in 1973 and the helicopter has since been built under various brand labels: Sud Aviation (later to become Aerospatiale), Westland, and Soko. (From the