It starts with Airtime CEO, Adrian Rosenberg. Beginning as an air-force helicopter maintenance crew chief in the 1970s, Adrian has since spent the better half of his life flying, buying, selling and working within every facet of the industry from public sector to Hollywood. His decades of experience as pilot, mechanic and entrepreneur has taken him to Africa, South America, Central America, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea and to just about every state in the U.S.A.

Adrian founded Airtime in 1995 with a mission to provide personalized assistance in aviation transaction. Since then, Airtime has travelled world wide in the search for your preferred aircraft. At airtime we provide pre-buys, test flights, appraisals, and transport services.

With DAR on staff, we assist with export C of A and importing foreign aircraft. Our certified staff also offer ferry delivery, containerization of aircraft, and reassembly and test flights after shipment.

Based in Hawai’i, we work closely with our partners in Las Vegas, New Jersey and Japan. Our worldwide network is equipped to your upgrade needs. New avionics, paint, interior and more are all catered and handled by request.

We also offer flight training and certification, specializing in Bell, Eurocopter/Airbus, MD, Sikorsky, Augusta/Leonardo and others types.

We hope to do business with you soon.

Adrian Rosenberg


Nick Rosenberg

Marketing and Digital Content Manager